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About Rich Living, Less Spending LLC

Why We Started

We are Mike and Taylor Palmer, and we love traveling and experiencing new adventures together! Our friends often ask us how we afford all the trips we go on and exciting weekend events we attend, so we started Rich Living, Less Spending LLC to help others get the most out of life just as we do. 

Our Experiences

We've personally tested all kinds of hotels, short-term rentals, events, music festivals, airlines, modes of transportation, tours, and more. I grew up traveling and moving from place to place around the U.S. as a kid. So, jumping on a plane is second nature to me. Mike's been involved in the music festival and live event scene since before I even knew what a music festival was. We love it all! To learn more about our favorite experiences, check out our blog.

How We Can Help

We carefully research each experience to bring you the best of the best. Our services range from assistance in planning your event to personal tours and photography. We know it takes time and energy to find the best deals, so we want to help alleviate that stress and find them for you! See our services for more information. 

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